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There are many varieties of rice available which vary in size, colour, and texture. There is white, brown, red and black rice that has different nutritional benefits are used in its own way based on the region where it is available. For most biryani and pulao preparations, basmati rice is commonly used. The best thing about rice dishes is that it is gluten free and can be safely given to babies or even old people. In fact, it is the first food that is given to infants. Even sick people are given simple rice preparations.

Biryani Varieties (Biriyani)
• Egg Biryani
• Chicken Biryani
• Shrimp (or Prawns) Biryani
• Cooked Meat Biryani
• Chana Biryani
• Mushroom Soya Biryani
• Mushroom Soya Biryani
• Kaadai / Quail Biryani
• Fish Biryani
• Hyderabadi Biryani
• Vegetable Biryani
• Khuska Biryani
• Turkey Biryani

North Indian Pulao Varieties / Rice Pilaf Recipes
• Kashmiri Pulao
• Zafrani Pulao
• Jeera Pulao
• Peas Pulao
• Dill Pulao
• Mixed Vegetable
• Pulao Mixed Vegetable

South Indian Variety Rice
• Curry Leaf Rice
• Curd Rice
• Tomato Rice
• Mint Coriander Rice
• Mango Rice
• Lemon Rice
• Coconut Rice
Vegetable Rice (One pot meal ideas for lunch box)
• Carrot Rice
• Asparagus Pulao
• Capsicum Rice
• Corn Rice
• Cauliflower Pulao
• Potato Pulav
Rice with Lentils (Kitchadi and Pongal Varieties)
• Puli Pongal
• Ven Pongal
• Sambhar (Kadamba) Sadam
• Bisi Bele Bath
• Payaru Kanji
• Paal Pongal Paal (Milk) Pongal
• Sweet Rice Dishes
International Rice Dishes
• Chicken Fried Rice
• Vegetable Fried Rice
• Rice Pudding

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