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We are engaged in the Import and Export of superior grade of Chickpeas. The Chickpeas are available in a variety of origins and have built a good repute in the international markets. This supreme range of Chickpeas can enhance the taste of any variety of chickpeas recipes and is highly praised by the clients.
We Offer Chickpeas Of The Following Origins
Indian Chick Peas 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 58/60, 75/80 (Mexican type)
Turkish Chick peas
Myanmar origin Chick Peas
CIS origin

Types of Chickpeas

Chickpeas come in two basic varieties. These are:
Desi Chickpeas
These are split peas and are relatively smaller in size with dark, small seeds and a rough coat. Desi peas are also known as 'Bengal gram' or 'Kala chana'. They are mostly cultivated in India, Mexico, Ethiopia, and Iran. Desi chickpeas have a remarkably high fiber content and are thus suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

Kabuli Chickpeas
These chickpeas are light, almost whitish cream in color, with larger seeds and a smoother coat as compared to the desi chickpeas. Introduced in India during the 18th century, the Kabuli chickpeas are mainly grown in Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Chile, and Afghanistan.

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