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We serve, by satisfying our Customer with Premium Quality Products & Services

Our Quality

We use the latest quality control equipment to ensure a quality of our products as per USA and European market. We use special packaging materials, which retain the aroma and freshness of the rice and also prevent the products from the vagaries of nature and unfavourable or extreme weather conditions. We also have sophisticated temperature controlled, hygienically maintained warehouses to store our products prior to dispatch to our esteemed customers worldwide.

We only sell safely stored, hygienically packed products and items. All our lots are thoroughly checked by our team of quality control experts. Samples of our products are obtained and subjected to rigorous tests to determine their quality. You will be pleased to know that a true combination of sound infrastructure and up-to-date equipment can be easily seen in the unmatched quality of our healthy and safe products.

Quality is determined by following parameters :-
• The Purity of paddy.
• Moisture.
• Healthiness of grain
• Determination of yield a percentage of whole rice from paddy.
• Damage & Disclosure.
• Immature and green grain.

The quality of rice is analysed and checked on follwing parameters:
• Purity of Rice
• Leangth of Rice
• Broken Percentage
• Moisture Percentage
• Polishing degree(whitiness)
• Damage of discolor grains %.
• Packing perfection

Our Brands